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I started out as many doulas, attending the births of friends,

and soon found this was my passion!  In 2003 I completed my

training as a Certified Midwife Assistant and Advanced Doula. 

I haven't looked back since, and I am so grateful for this journey and all that I have learned and been able to share.  I have 3 children of my own and I remember all the questions and concerns during each one of my pregnancies.  I simply loved being pregnant and the wonder of the miracle of life. 

I began Birth Happens Naturally in 2012.  After working for several years as a midwife assistant/advanced doula at a birth center, I decided it was time to work independently. I really wanted to reach out and serve the birthing community.

My goal is to always exceed expectations and really hope that I bring something, without overdoing anything.  To be the best support I can be in helping to create the best outcome possible.  I successfully combine my knowledge, experiences, and intuition in order to assist my clients; I know when to do and not do something, and I truly care for my clients.  I can be present to give support in the form of guidance, information, physical support, encouragement without judgement, or just be a calm presence.

I have attended approximately 400 births - in birth centers, home and hospitals.  As of 2010 I began offering postpartum support as well and to date have supported over 25 new families, including families with twins.

I strive to continue to educate myself in areas that will serve the birthing community.  I am a certified childbirth educator (ICEA - The International Childbirth Education Association), a Hypnobabies Instructor, Hypno- Doula, a certified Expectations Health Coach ( Dr. Sears Wellness Institute), a certified Lactation Educator Counselor (UCSD), certified as a Doula specializing in acupressure for pregnancy care and labor support, a certified Natural Health Consultant and a Reiki practitioner. 

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